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Just Breathe.

This is a true capture of a scene between my daughter and me a few months ago.  I always want to remember moments like these.  Story originally shared on Facebook for those who have already seen this.  Moved here for easier access.

I sat exhausted on the bathroom floor behind my daughter, who was propped up at the sink brushing her teeth. Keeping her company just as she had demanded. She turned around and looked down at me from her little white step-stool as any queenly 3-year-old sprite in ice cream patterned PJs would.

“Mommy,” she said “I can see you are so tired.”

“Yes,” I replied “you’re right, baby. Mommy is tired.”

She hopped off the stool and took a seat next to me on the floor. She looked up at me with those giant kid saucer eyes and cupped my face with her hands. The maturity of the action startled me for a moment, but my posture softened once I surrendered to her instinct to comfort me.

“Mommy. You are tired, but it is ok. And it is ok, because I love you.”

Then she led me in a brief session of calm breathing, just as I had taught her to do when she is upset.

“Open your hands just like this mom. Now breathe in. And out. Slow.”

And so we did. Together. I can’t lie to myself and say this gave me enough fuel to tackle everything there is left to tackle. And in a way, it unsettled me that she feels in any way responsible for my well-being. But the connection and the innocent display of her humanity…her instinct to heal…that was some serious soul food. Namaste.


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