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Those Other Williams Sisters

By now, I hope you have laid eyes upon what I think is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen this year. Sisters, athletes, competitors, inspirational dynamic duo, and black girls who rock Venus and Serena Williams blessed Instagram with some effortless fierceness and heartfelt grace.  Serena posted this loving message for her sister along with a black & white portrait after their Wimbledon 2015 match:

I love it immensely.  These two are beyond queenly! So stripped down and beautiful, this image highlights their unique traits while at the same time showcasing their similarities and their bond.  In it, I see earned confidence and strength of two women who will gladly show you what “hit like a girl” really means.  I see sisters who are proud to both challenge and celebrate one another.

It immediately brought my little sister to mind.  What better time than today to take some sweet Williams sister portraits?!  (Side note: Yes, Williams is my maiden name.)  So we got our little hairdos together and went for it.  We did it at the end of the day, so in our tired state, we didn’t get all the details right.  No, it is not an exact replica ladies and gents.   But we loved doing it – the outtakes alone were worth it.  Squeezing her afterwards and having her say “I love us” made it EXTRA worth it.  We love our brothers, but we know sisterhood deserves its own special TLC.  Navigating the path toward confident womanhood is not easy, so having another woman in your corner – especially your sister- is priceless.  Any day she and I can live up to Venus & Serena’s example beyond snapping some photos, I’d call that a great day.

So these pictures are my tiny love letter to my little sister.  I’ve got your back, ladybug!

I knew she would end up being taller than me!

I don’t care if you’re taller than me…get in here for a squeeze!

 She’s got heart plus smarts.  Such a beautiful girl.

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