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New Direction – Another Black Girl

For the wonderful few who have visited my blog, I want to say thank you for your time and attention over the years.  I also want to acknowledge the shifting direction of this site.  Instead of documenting my own personal pursuits in cooking, art, parenting, etc., I am now building a resource for those interested in the pursuits, passions, and creations of many other black girls and women.  As a black woman, I relish and enjoy seeing the talent, creativity, and passion from sisters operating in spaces where they are often under-represented.  It inspires and delights me to see another black girl thriving.  I hope you learn about someone new here and find yourself inspired by them as well.  Follow a new author, watch a show you didn’t know existed, check out their businesses, enjoy their speeches, and so on and so on…

If you know of a phenomenal black woman you want me to consider adding to the list, please do share her with me so I can share her with those who follow this space.  It would be my pleasure to shout out Another Black Girl.

Kiesha G.

Featured image courtesy of Lauryn G. Photography. Not for reuse.

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