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Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey, aka Chescaleigh, is one of those “do all the things” people.  And she does them well.  She’s an actress, comedian, blogger, graphic designer consultant, and self-professed natural hair geek.  She was a contributor to the Larry Wilmore show and now she hosts the MTV News web show Decoded where she regularly breaks things down for those who still don’t quite understand things like Black Lives Matter, Jesus’ ethnicity, or why some folks are not all smiles at Thanksgiving.

Her podcast with her husband Patrick, Last Name Basis, is also a good one to check out for their smart and funny observations of the world and stories from their lives together as a couple.

The video that really set it off for Jessica was “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls.”  As of today, this piece is approaching 12 million views.

Featured image by Internet Week New York


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