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Rafranz Davis

Sukilynn Photography

Sukilynn Photography

“Rafranz Davis is the Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning for Lufkin ISD.  Her passion for creativity and student centered learning has driven her work in supporting Lufkin’s transition to taking more innovative approaches to teaching and learning through integrated computational thinking, makerspaces and community driven personalized professional learning. When Rafranz is not disrupting the status quo in East Texas, she can be found connecting with the global education community as an advocate for STEM education, teacher voice, digital equity and diversity in edtech.” –

I learned about Rafranz Davis while watching a video during a team meeting at work* that featured her.  The way she spoke of bringing impactful STEM programs to the students within her reach was stirring.  She has made it her life’s mission to bring passion and ingenuity to teachers and students in hopes of making a real impact and giving every learner the best opportunities to learn.

You can keep up with Rafranz by following her on Twitter and check out her work in edtech from her perspective below:



Featured image by Sukilynn Photography


*Full disclosure – I work at Microsoft. This post is not a Microsoft promotion.

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