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Lacresha Berry

Today marks the first day of Black History month.  On such a day, allow me to introduce you to another black girl who is making sure the legacy of black people lives on and shines bright.  Lecresha Berry demands this ->  know where you come from and never forget it.  Although she is now in NYC, she describes herself as a brown girl from the blue grass given her Lexington, KY upbringing.  She told the story of her roots with her music and poetry in her autobiographical one woman show BrownGirl. Bluegrass.

lecresha berry

More about her:

“Berry, a teacher, naturalista, playwright and singer/songwriter from Kentucky, wrote BrownGirl. Bluegrass. to fill a need for more positive role models in the lives of our children. Growing up in Kentucky, she found few role models that looked like her, a brown girl from the Bluegrass State. Through her own research, she discovered important African-Americans from her hometown of Lexington, KY. There was Charlotte Dupuy, who fought for her freedom from Henry Clay, a Kentucky Secretary of State and Robert Charles O’Hara Benjamin, a man shot 6 times in the back for encouraging African Americans to vote. Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. marched to the capitol in Frankfort, KY and it was never documented in any of her history books.” –

An important lesson to take from her work is that if you know the history, and you know it isn’t being told, be the one to tell it!  You can find and be inspired by all things Lecresha at her Berry and Company site.

In addition to hitting you with the essential history lessons, she is also serves up style inspiration at Berryberrystylish on Instagram and hair tutorials on her YouTube channel.  A MUST SEE is her music video for “Star Stuff!”  To kick off Black History Month, watch this vid and play it for your kids.



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