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About Kiesha Garrison:

Kiesha is a multi-passionate person hoping to model for those in her circle of influence the courage to live, work, and play as their authentic selves. She is a cheerleader for the passions and pursuits of black girls and women.  She’s also the mom of a dazzling daughter, a standup comedy newbie, kitchen wizard, art lover, and fan of inclusive tech.

Note from Kiesha about the site:

I have created this resource for those interested in the pursuits, passions, and creations of black girls and women.  I relish seeing the talent, creativity, and passion from sisters operating in spaces where they are often under-represented.  I am inspired and delighted to see another black girl thriving.  I hope you learn about someone new here and find yourself inspired by them as well.  Follow a new author. Watch a show you didn’t know existed. Check out their businesses. Watch their speeches. Sit in awe of their magic. 

If you know of a phenomenal black woman you want me to consider adding to the list, please reach out so I can share her with those who follow this space.  It would be my pleasure to shout out Another Black Girl.  Over time, my goal is to have assembled a robust directory of black female awesomeness. 

Send suggestions here:  kiesha at Please include their website or social media pages if they have them.

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