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Kayla Ortiz

By the time Kayla Ortiz stepped onto the Spelman College campus years ago, she had already launched her efforts to make a global impact for good.  In 2012, she founded Kayla’s Corner, a non-profit organization focused on providing books & supplies to underprivileged schools.  Now that she is nearing graduation from a college so well-known for incubating black female excellence, we’re looking forward to seeing what her next chapter holds given she was already making moves on a global level!

According to her website:

Kayla’s Corner provides educational resources for underprivileged students, and promotes literacy amongst youth. We contribute both locally and internationally to impoverished communities, schools and educational centers, and non-profit organizations. Kayla’s Corner has also created a library on Lwaji Island in Uganda, Africa, which serves students on Lwaji Island and the surrounding islands. Lwaji Island is now the first and only island on Lake Victoria with a library. –

Kayla can now also add “Children’s Book Author” to her résumé.  She has just written “The Same Differences,” a children’s rhyming book about culture and diversity.  Ten percent of the proceeds from the book sales go towards the work of Kayla’s Corner.

In troubling times, we ask ourselves, ‘What can I do?’ or ‘How can I make a difference?’  Supporting the dreamers and the doers like Kayla is one of those things.   You can donate to Kayla’s Corner or purchase “The Same Differences” for $9.99 to be a part of another black girl’s worthy work.




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