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Sarah Diouf

Sarah Diouf is the founder of  TONGORO, a Made in Africa clothing line. Having decided very early in her career to be an influencer in digital media and image, Sarah has leaned into the beauty of diverse cultures, the digital era, and the celebration of African lifestyles.  She sees now as a moment were Africans are influencing the world with forward ideas and inventiveness, while nourishing themselves with creativity. To realize her vision and celebrate this African ingenuity, she designs and offers affordable quality African fashion, in addition to running several fashion media sites.

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She was born in and and currently lives in Paris, but was raised in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire for most of her childhood. Her heart is surely with Africa; Sarah in her own words:

“The chance we have when it comes to the Made In Africa, is that African fashion is not fully established yet ; the African fashion standard is more high fashion than mass market ; more expensive than really affordable, which leaves space and place for new models. Africa being at center of the fashion conversation today, it is also important for me to do something that can benefit the place I come from. The challenge is now to discipline and structure ourselves at every level to come up with strong entities able to compete with others on a global level.”

Follow Sarah on Instagram or Twitter.

See the beauty of her work at the Tongoro website.

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