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Akira Armstrong

Bronx native and professional dancer Akira Armstrong got the side-eye when looking for an agent in Los Angeles.  She’d trained at a professional performing arts school and performed with the Jubilation Dance Company, Bernice Johnson Dance Company, The World Famous Apollo Theater, and Ladies of Hip Hop at Cosmo Theater in Vienna, Austria.  In 2007, she debuted as a principal dancer in two of Beyonce’s videos: “Greenlight” and “Get Me Bodied.”  So why the side eye from agents?

Being a plus-size woman, she didn’t fit their expected image of a professional dancer. Frustrated, but not defeated, she returned to New York and took her profession to the next level.  Now her work is not only about dancing, but also about uplifting and empowering women.  Akira is the CEO & Founder of Pretty Big Movement, her own dance company made up of plus size dancers.

Akira Armstrong

Photo Credits: James Anthony

The best way to learn about Pretty Big Movement is to take a look at this video from The Scene in which Akira breaks it all down from the heart:


About Pretty Big Movement:

Pretty BIG Movement LLC based in New York, NY is a full figured dance company specializing in various dance genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, African, Modern and so much more. Founder/ CEO Akira Armstrong realized there wasn’t a platform for women with voluptuous curves in mainstream media so Ms. Armstrong  sought out to create the platform today known as Pretty BIG.

While auditioning for Full-Figured Fashion Week, Akira found that she was surrounded by confident,  plus size women who were beautiful, curvaceous, and shared the same passion in dance. She seized that moment and started Pretty BIG Movement. By 2015  the voluptuous dance troupe performed in Ladies Of Hip Hop, Carnival (choreographers Ball), Ms. Full Figured USA pageant & Press Release, The 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Award Show, Salt N Pepa, Lane Bryant (I’m No Angle campaign), New York, NY fashion week (Plus is Equal), Full Beauty commercial, Mz007 concert, and Competed on NBC America’s Got Talent Season 10. Currently Pretty Big offers dance workshops in across the U.S. to the plus size community, creating a no Judgment environment were individuals can feel comfortable dancing in an environment that is very supportive and free.Pretty BIG Movement is now advocating for Black Lives Matter in their concept video “Personally”,as they anticipate touring with artists Mz 007  and Salt N’ Pepa, while  filming their very own reality show. – via


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